Reduction of health risks to employees, visitors, guests, patients

Public Facilities

Cooling towers use evaporation to remove heat energy from water and thereby release aerosols into the atmosphere. If  Legionella  is present, the aerosolized water can spread the bacteria over miles and endanger surrounding residents. Regular disinfection and cooling tower maintenance protects facility operators, visitors, and residents from exposure to  Legionella .

The required frequency of measures depends on the cooling load, use of biocides, the environmental conditions present in the area where the cooling tower is located and the cooling tower’s design.

Cleaning, disinfecting, and remediating cooling towers involves a hierarchy of protocols that form a water hygiene management program. rqmicro.COUNT proposes a solution to determine and control the effectiveness of water hygiene management based on direct insight provided by single-cell counting of viable bacteria.

rqmicro.COUNT enables effective hygiene management in public buildings through:
  • Design and operation of a water hygiene concept based on a quantitative analysis of Legionella and total bacteria
  • Fast localization of outbreaks to take targeted and effective measures
  • Take control of water hygiene by performing tests on-site with results available immediately online
The rqmicro method enables building owners to:

Monitor pathogens and bacteria in water systems of residential and public facilities in a real-time


Continuously monitoring the treatment ensures a cost-effective and sustainable operation


Reduction of health risks to employees, visitors, guests, patients


Adjust chemical dosing and measure the success of water treatments

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AOAC Certification Mark for the rqmicro L.p. SG1 DETECT Kit

The performance of the L.p. SG1 DETECT Kit from rqmicro AG was reviewed for various water matrixes under the AOAC INTERNATIONAL Research Institute (RI) Performance Tested Methods (PTM) Program and found to perform as stated by the manufacturer.

Lab Service

We test your samples using our leading edge technology to deliver quantitative results on the same day.


Platform for convenient, fast and accurate bacteria detection in water.