Legionella Risk Assessment

Facility Management

Protecting visitors in public facilities and commercial buildings from Legionella risk is an important responsibility of facility managers in the broader interest of public health.

Managing Legionella risk has become an increasingly challenging task because of the rising complexity of artificial water systems buildings and an increasing stock of aging buildings.

Failures in Legionella risk control can result in a shutdown of event venues, public transport or commercial buildings which cause reputational and financial damage in addition to the health damage brought to visitors.

In addition, the growth of Legionella in complex water systems of large infrastructures can have a tangible financial impact in real estate transactions or change of operator.

rqmicro.COUNT enables Legionella risk management in a revolutionarily easy and effective way
  • Validate the effectiveness of your Legionella control measures almost in real-time
  • Guide your water treatment process based on quantitative and digital data
  • Early alert of potential Legionella outbreaks, in lab or on site
  • Better internal control for better compliance with local Legionella regulations
  • Easy to use product and service to put your mind at ease

Legionellosis (also known as Legionnaire's disease) is a reportable disease to public health authorities. Compulsory preventive measures against the disease start with proper water hygiene in facilities. Regular Legionella tests and effective water hygiene measures are the key to successful Legionella risk control and prevention of cases of Legionellosis.

Periodic testing for Legionella in public buildings is mandatory in many jurisdictions. Large events, change of operator or usage patterns and exposure of vulnerable population warrant an additional Legionella risk assessment.


Water quality

Safe opening of business premises after construction

Budiling reopening

Safe re-opening after down-time and lockdown


Effective evaluation upon change of real estate ownership

Water quality control

Safety assessment upon installation of centralized cooling or air conditioning (AC) systems


Bio-security check of venues before the hosting of sport events, trade shows, conferences 

Legionella in drinking water

Localization of Legionella hotspots in hospitals and care homes

Would you like to learn how to monitor Legionella in water with the rqmicro.COUNT? Watch the video and contact us today. We are looking forward to talking with you.

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