Total Cell Count Kit

Reagents for the rapid and quantitative detection of total bacteria in water samples

Total bacteria count

Total Cell Count Kit for rqmicro.COUNT

Rapid and reliable total cell count analysis with the rqmicro.COUNT enables users to assess and monitor the microbial load in water systems.

Total Cell Count Kit

Rapid quantification of the total microbial load in water samples.

ORder total cell count kit​​​​



Easy quantification of bacteria for up to 8 samples in 1 hour

With the rqmicro.COUNT and Total Cell Count kit, quantifying the microbial load has never been easier. 

The standard workflow for 8 samples in parallel takes only 2 minutes of hands-on time and enables users to receive granular insight into the microbiology of water systems from 35 min after starting the workflow.

Online platform

Online data reporting

The cloud platform enables effective water microbiology risk management with different stakeholders and in decentralized applications. 

Available features include the definition of target ranges, setting alarm levels, analyzing data using different visualizations and generating reports that are ready to share. 


Total bacteria count

Optimized risk management concept

Water systems

Predictability in water system operations

Adjust chemical dosing and treatment

Preventive disinfection and maintenance

Make Water Safe

Early detection of water safety risks

TCC Kit Specifications

Format: 96 Tests per Kit

Storage conditions: Room temperature

Shelf life: 1 year

Product number : 30010

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