rapid legionella detection rqmicro

Detect Legionella
in less than 2 hours


legionella monitoring in public facilities

Water hygiene management
based on specific pathogen
cell counts


legionella monitoring in cooling systems rqmicro

Precise and fast
Legionella detection
in complex water samples


rapid sample preparation instrument

Be the partner of choice
for rapid pathogen detection


Next generation microbiology for water and food safety

rqmicro’s separation and detection technology for microbiological tests in the water and food industry delivers reliable, quantitative and cost-effective results in less than 2 hours.




Cartridge-based Flow Cytometer (coming soon)

Automated cell separation and purification instrument

Complete set of reagents for automated or manual immunomagnetic separation

rqmicro’s rapid, reliable and cost-effective tests for the water and food industry as well as related sectors open a new chapter in the field of pathogen detection and monitoring.

rqmicro revolutionizes microbiological testing by combining immunomagnetic separation and flow cytometry with the power of predictive analytics.

On-site testing

Actionable data

Connected devices

Automated water analysis

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