Legionella Test Kits

Reagents for the quantitative detection of viable Legionella in water within 2 hours. 

Legionella pneumophila SG 1-15 COUNT Kit from rqmicro

L.p. SG 1-15 COUNT Kit

  • Quantitative detection of Legionella pneumophila
    Covers all 15 serogroups of Legionella pneumophila at a limit of detection LOD of 80 cells / 100mL.
  • Use for water hygiene monitoring in drinking water and process water to detect and quantify Legionella contamination and take informed and effective disinfection measures.
  • Time to result of 90 minutes for first result.
    All 4 results per run on rqmicro.COUNT available within 125 minutes.

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Legionella pneumophila SG 1

L.p. SG 1 COUNT Kit

  • Quantitative detection of Legionella pneumophila Serogroup 1
    Highly specific quantification of Legionella pneumophila SG 1 which is the most dangerous sub-group within Legionella pneumophila, at a limit of detection LOD of 80 cells / 100 mL.
  • Use for risk assessment in drinking water and process water systems in case of known contamination with Legionella at medium to high levels.
  • Time to result of 90 minutes for first result.
    All 4 results per run on rqmicro.COUNT available within 125 minutes.

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 Why Choose rqmicro Legionella Test Kits?

Quantitative results in 90 minutes

Quantitative Results in 90 Minutes

The single-cell counting technology deployed in rqmicro.COUNT instruments enables both precision and speed for the analysis of waterborne Legionella.

Data on single-cell level is critical for assessing potential health risks arising from cooling towers or air evaporation or air humidification systems and for increasing treatment efficacy while reducing associated energy, biocides and costs.

Save money and time with rqmicro.COUNT

Self-Testing Saves Money and Time

Testing at the point of use, within production sites or nearby in-house laboratories saves time lost in shipment and can contribute to substantial cost savings when performed by own personnel rather than external contract labs.

In Facility Management, the fast turnaround time is vital to localize contamination in large buildings, to validate the effectiveness of treatments and to speed up the release of buildings upon hand-over or after sanitization.

Test results immediately available on the Cloud Solution

Better Data Enables Better Decisions

Test results are immediately available on the Cloud Solution. The Cloud Solution generates comprehensive reports and visualizations.

The Association of German Engineers (VDI) has acknowledged the benefit of rapid and quantitative Legionella monitoring. The technologies used in rqmicro.COUNT have been adopted for Legionella monitoring during disinfection procedures in the 42. BlmSchV, VDI-Richtlinie 4250 Blatt 2. Read more about the project HERE.

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