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Testing water samples for specific bacteria, such as Legionella, has evolved little for more than 100 years. Most water microbiology labs still rely on the cultivation method to detect the presence or absence of cells and to estimate their concentration in a sample. The limitation of the cultivation method is defined by biology. The growth of bacteria on agar plates is both slow and highly variable. Water microbiology labs that seek to overcome this limitation and provide their customers with rapid and accurate results need to look beyond the cultivation method.

rqmicro introduces a novel method for the specific detection of bacteria in water based on single-cell counting of viable cells. The rqmicro.COUNT instrument is deployable on-site and also integrates well into a typical water laboratory. The technology is based on the immunomagnetic separation of target cells and single-cell counting of viable cells using flow cytometry. In the case of Legionella, rqmicro.COUNT provides quantitative results in a total time from sample arrival to results provided in 2 hours.

The rqmicro.COUNT instrument enables water microbiology laboratories to offer rapid and quantitative microbiology tests as a service

Fast and accurate Legionella and total bacteria based on the rqmicro method:
  • Results immediately available online when testing remote or in the lab
  • Differentiated method based on direct counting of viable cells
  • Supporting advanced needs in water hygiene risk management

The rqmicro.COUNT instrument enables water microbiology laboratories to offer Legionella and total bacteria testing as a service and support their customers with fast and accurate results.

Would you like to know how does water analysis with the rqmicro.COUNT look like? Check the video or get in touch with us. We are looking forward to talking with you.

Rapid Microbiology Tests for Water Microbiology Labs

Intact cell count from rqmicro

Intact Cell Count

Test kit for the rapid and quantitative detection of total viable bacteria in water samples.

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Total cell count from rqmicro

Total Cell Count

Test kit for the rapid and quantitative detection of total bacteria in water samples.

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E. coli test kits from rqmicro

E. coli Test Kits

Test kits for the quantitative detection of Escherichia coli (E. coli) in water samples.

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Legionella test kits from rqmicro

Legionella Test Kits

Test kits for the rapid and quantitative detection of Legionella in water samples.

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