Effective Microbiology Monitoring for Perch 
Breeding at Valperca SA in Switzerland


Learn how Percitech, Valperca's hatchery in Switzerland has optimized bacterial quantification with the rqmicro.COUNT and reduced the total weekly workload by 50% compared to the previous systems they used.

Fast and reliable microbiological monitoring is necessary to maintain the special conditions required for perch breeding and high end-product quality. Quantitative  microbiology data, complemented with other relevant production parameters, forms an ideal basis for the monitoring of the recirculating water in the fish tanks and for the growth and wellbeing of the fish. 

Percitech installed rqmicro's solution to:

  • improve  the quality of microbiological control
  • reduce associated costs and time spent for testing
  • to establish an early warning system to prevent outbreaks of disease.

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