rqmicro.COUNT supports critical water management decisions with accurate microbiology data almost in real time.

Single-Cell Analysis

rqmicro.COUNT supports critical water management decisions with reliable and accurate digital data almost in real-time. Moving away from biased and slow results to quantitative data to ensure the safety of water systems.

Cartridge-based Flow Cytometry

rqmicro.COUNT is a cartridge-based flow cytometer, which, together with the rqmicro reagent kits, provides a complete solution for fast purification and quantification of target cells from various matrices.

Two Distinct Techniques

The instrument combines two distinct techniques: immunomagnetic separation for cell purification and flow cytometry for single-cell quantification and characterization. Both techniques can be used in combination or separately.

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Support for critical water management decisions
Rapid microbiology test

Rapid & Reliable

  • Automated sample preparation and flow cytometric analysis within 60 min

  • Parallel processing of up to 4 samples

  • Actionable data based on the analysis of single cells including viability assessment

Portable device with touchscreen

Convenient & Portable

  • Maintenance-free cartridge system

  • Convenient operation through a touch screen

  • Portable device with small footprint 

Test Kits  

High-performance reagents for single-cell analysis
Total Cell Count

Total Cell Count Analysis

  • Fast and reliable assessment of water microbiology

  • Quantitative analysis of total microbiological load for effective process control

Legionella detection

Legionella Detection

  • Quantification of viable Legionella within 2 hours

  • Detection of viable but non-culturable cells (VBNC)

  • Legionella testing kits available for L.p. SG 1 and L.p. SG 1-15

How to quantify Legionella in water with the rqmicro.COUNT?

Rapid & reliable Legionella detection

Whether it is quickly localizing and identifying the source of Legionella in a water system, or evaluating whether or not a disinfection treatment attempt was successful – the rqmicro.COUNT seeks to provide rapid results and surpass the limitations of current methods.

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rqmicro.COUNT: rapid and quantitative detection of bacteria in water

Our solution enables users to keep track of water hygiene with a rapid and accurate testing method. 

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