Legionnaire's disease outbreaks recurring in New York City

Prevention must start at the point of transmission: showers, cooling towers, process water systems, AC systems

A very recent Legionnaires' outbreak in New York City was reported on the 25th of May 2022, causing 19 people sick including 1 dead. Even being thousands of miles away, public health officials in China were alert by the news and reminded the citizens about high Legionella risks in summer time on social media (WeChat post by Jiangsu CDC).

Every year, deadly Legionella outbreaks reappear around the world and threaten people’s life. There is no vaccine for Legionnaires' disease (also known as Legionellosis), and antibiotic prophylaxis is not effective. Prevention of this disease must start at the point of transmission: showers, cooling towers, process water systems, AC system. Precaution measures like regular Legionella tests and disinfection of cooling towers and other artificial water systems are proven to be effective in preventing Legionnaires' outbreaks [1].

To prevent Legionella growth and spread in buildings, the US CDC has developed a Tookit: Developing a Water Management Program to Reduce Legionella Growth and Spread in Buildings. Since 2013, rqmicro operates the fastest Legionella testing lab on earth to help customers prevent, identify and mitigate the risk of deadly outbreaks. Since 2021, rapid Legionella testing is also available on the rqmicro.COUNT platform for use on-site or in water labs. Good insight into water microbiology can save lives.

Contact us today to benefit from rapid Legionella testing, if you are a water quality engineer, facility manager, or in a service lab.

Sources: [1] https://www.cdc.gov/legionella/about/prevention.html

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