Legionella gaining more attention in China

China publishing a new regulation requiring mandatory legionella tests in shower water and swimming pools

The Chinese Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development recently published a new regulation called the General Code for Water Supply, Drainage and Water Saving of Buildings (no. GB55020-2021), which is going to take place in China in April 2022.

This new regulation is set on the national level, covering engineering rules and standards that need to be followed in the design, construction and maintenance of water systems in buildings. In the official online announcement (Read more), it says: “This code is a mandatory engineering construction code, in which all provisions must be strictly implemented.”

Mandatory Legionella tests with zero tolerance are required in the regulation GB55020-2021 for shower water and swimming pools, including hot springs and spas. “It is the first time I notice that Legionella in water is required to be tested in a national-level regulation in China, while previously Legionella testing is mostly mentioned in regulations on the industrial or city level, which is one level below the national one” said Xueying Mao, the Chief Representative of rqmicro China Office. “We are ready to help facility managers and swimming pool contractors in China to optimize their water treatment workflow and to be better complied with this new regulation.”

Being present in China for almost 4 years, rqmicro witnesses the process in which Legionella is gradually gaining more attention, which is also confirmed by the newly conducted study results from China CDC researcher, where 50 out of 304 samples from drinking water supply systems were Legionella positive, with a rather high positive rate of 16.45%.

To face the challenge of increasing Legionella risks in the ongoing urbanization process of China, frequent Legionella test and timely water treatment is the key. Together with our collaborators from disinfection business and from service labs, rqmicro is devoted in effective Legionella risk management and together we could make water safe for all.

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