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Water hygiene is important to you, but you are struggling to control it? A new service provides fast and quantitative Legionella and total bacteria detection. Implement effective hygiene measures and optimize treatment, sustainability, and safety.

Legionella bacteria, naturally occurring in water and soil, often colonize artificial water systems in residential or industrial settings and pose a high risk to human health and sustainable business operations. To be able to control and manage your water system efficiently, timely and quantitative data is critical. rqmicro has developed a fast and reliable method that enables the quantification of Legionella pneumophila and total bacteria within 2 hours.

The lab service is now available through different accredited service labs, and results are available the next day after sample shipment. Results are based on single-cell counting of viable Legionella pneumophila cells and total bacteria present in the sample. Customers benefit from:

  • Quantitative results to establish an effective water hygiene concept in large buildings
  • Fast release of buildings after down-time, construction work, or upon handover
  • Effective Legionella monitoring in cooling towers to take preventive action
  • Controlled water treatment and sustainable dosing of biocides

Do you also want to have a better understanding of your water system? Visit our website: www.rqmicro.com/lab-service.

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