Enhancing Water Safety Practices at Shanghai Swimming Center

Shanghai Swimming Center, June 27, 2023 - In an exclusive interview, Shanghai Lanpure Water Treatment Co., Ltd. and rqmicro revealed innovative measures to enhance water safety at the recently renovated Shanghai Swimming Center. 

The Shanghai Swimming Center was extensively renovated in 2022 and welcomed swimmers again in 2023. The redesign went beyond aesthetics and focused on pioneering water safety practices to protect the health of visitors.

The introduction of rqmicro.COUNT, a cutting-edge technology providing same-day results for water quality, marks a significant leap in water safety management. “With rapid detection methods like rqmicro, we are able to find potential risks with early warming, so that we can take actions immediately,” explains Shudong Yuan, CEO of Shanghai Lanpure Water Treatment Co., Ltd.

This collaboration ensures not only the immediate safety of swimmers but also offers a strategic advantage for facility managers, setting a new standard for water safety practices worldwide.

“I think the invention of rqmicro.COUNT solves a big problem in our industry. As a facility manager, I am very happy to learn about rqmicro products and to use it in daily practice,” concludes Shudong Yuan. 

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