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Microbial Monitoring in F&B
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Cooling Tower Monitoring
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Microbial Monitoring in F&B
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Cooling Tower Monitoring
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Automated workflow

Automated workflow for unbiased results in labs and on-site

rqmicro.COUNT provides a complete solution based on single-use cartridges. The automated workflow includes an optional fast immunomagnetic separation and flow cytometric quantification of target cells from various water types.

The cartridge system enables a highly efficient and controlled process, eliminates sample-to-sample contamination, and does not require lengthy start-up or maintenance cycles.

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Quantitative analysis of specific pathogens and total bacteria

Single-cell analysis on rqmicro.COUNT enables users to quantify both specific bacteria, including viable but non-culturable cells (VBNC), and total bacterial count in various water types.

Accurate and reliable results support critical water management decisions.

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rqmicro.COUNT cloud

Cloud Solution

Results generated by rqmicro.COUNT are immediately available online on the Cloud Solution platform.

Cloud Solution features include:

  • Monitoring critical control points
  • Receipt of alerts
  • Creation of reports
  • Sharing results

The Cloud Solutions enables effective water microbiology risk management with different stakeholders.

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Online platform for reports and data analysis

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rqmicro.COUNT Specifications


Single-use microfluidic cartridge, up to 8 samples per cartridge

Processing Modes
Magnetic separation, counting or magnetic separation & counting

Magnetic separation – 8 samples per hour
Counting – 12 samples per hour
Magnetic separation & counting – 6 samples per hour


Flow cytometry using fluorescence signal

Optical Alignment
Fully automated, self-correcting

Quantitative Working Range
1 to 5'000'000 particles/ml


User Interface
10-inch capacitive LCD touch screen 

3 x USB, 1 x Ethernet RJ-45, connectors for WLAN, GSM 3G/4G

Software Upgrades
Online delivery or via USB flash drive


Power Consumption
60 W, 12 V DC, 7.5 A , AC benchtop adapter, 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz

Operating Environment
Temperature: 15 °C – 27 °C; Humidity (relative): 0% to 80%

Physical Dimensions
B x W x H (cm): 22.5 x 23.5 x 46.5
Weight: 12.9 kg

Safety Certification

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