The new rqmicro.COUNT for microbiological water analysis at the IntEnv 2021 in China

At the exhibition IntEnv in Shanghai, China, we presented the rqmicro.COUNT, which has been developed for rapid microbiological control of water systems. 

Summer and hot temperatures are approaching most cities in China, and air conditioners (AC) in commercial buildings, are turned on. Since cooling towers for air conditioning systems can create suitable conditions for legionella growth, Legionella control is mandatory and defined in the Chinese national regulation "GB37488 Hygienic Indicators and Limits for Public Places".

However, not only Legionella control in cooling towers is of interest. During the three days of the exhibition, we welcomed around 100 visitors to our booth. A particular interest came from facility managers and water treatment companies focused on the operations of public buildings, like hotels, elderly homes and hospitals. For them, the important advantage of the rqmicro.COUNT is its ability to quantify live Legionella cells and its ease of use. The rqmicro.COUNT enables users to analyze water and get quantitative data within 2 hours to make informed decisions about the operation of water systems.

Besides, visitors from aquafarms, drinking water- and wastewater plants were interested in rqmicro’s application for the total bacterial count.

It is the first time we see an application of flow cytometry in environmental testing” visitors told us.

This year, we saw a significant increase in awareness of environmental microbiological safety tests among our visitors. We will continue to expand our partner network and do our best to meet the needs of our Chinese customers with our latest products and solutions

 Xueying Mao • Chief representative in China

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rqmicro.COUNT installed at Technical University of Munich for the LegioRapid project
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