ISO 9001:2015 Certification


rqmicro AG applies a Quality Management Systems according to ISO 9001:2015, certified by the certification body of Swiss Safety Center AG.

The quality management system covers the development, production and distribution of analytical instrumentation and reagents as well as microbiological services and research projects.


Quality is an integral part of rqmicro’s values and conduct. Quality guides our actions to deliver products and services that are safe, compliant and preferred. Quality is essential for the achievement of our ambition to empower our customers to make water safe.

rqmicro AG’s quality management system is customer-centric. Current and future customer needs direct our efforts towards achieving customer satisfaction. At rqmicro AG, our commitment is to never compromise on the safety and quality of our products and services. This requires everybody to be engaged, to understand and embrace his/her responsibility and to be empowered and willing to take action.

Hence, our shared commitment to:

  • Focus on customer excellence
  • Comply with relevant safety, conformity and regulatory standards
  • Continuously challenge ourselves to improve the quality management system
  • Encourage participation and promote quality responsibilities amongst employees and 3rd parties

At rqmicro AG, teamwork, engagement, ownership and support by everyone are vital for achieving our quality objectives. In this context, we are committed to providing the required leadership, management and resources.

We ensure that the Quality Policy is reviewed annually, improved continuously and communicated to employees and relevant third parties.

At its core, Quality is first and foremost about trust in our products and services. But Quality is also more than this. It is about delivering what we promise in everything we do. Each and every one of us has the power to influence Quality and trust through our leadership, dedication and passion.


AOAC International

AOAC Certification Mark for the rqmicro L.p. SG1 DETECT Kit (until 2023) 

​AOAC国际协会研究机构性能测试计划(AOAC INTERNATIONAL Research Institute Performance Tested Methods Program)对rqmicro公司生产的嗜肺军团菌血清1型(L.p. SG1)检测试剂盒的性能进行了审核,发现其性能符合制造商的描述。

​AOAC国际协会研究机构确认了rqmicro嗜肺军团菌血清1型检测试剂盒的灵敏度、可靠性、和稳定性,以及它参照ISO 11731:2017平板培养法的相关性。

Germany: Updated VDI-Guideline 4250-2 Includes Flow Cytometry (42. BlmSchV)

Published in 2023

The VDI Guideline 4250 Section 2 in support of the 42. ordinance for the implementation of the Federal Immission Control Act, 42. BlmSchV, includes flow cytometry and specific cell separation technology implemented in the rqmicro.COUNT instrument.

Operators of cooling towers and laboratories in Germany are now able to use rqmicro.COUNT to detect Legionella contamination in the event of an outbreak or as part of the VDI guideline 4250-2.

The approval of the rqmicro.COUNT technology as testing method is the result of a successful independent validation performed over 2 years.

Watch a recorded version of the webinar: Expert Laboratory Legionella – Rapid quantification and subtyping of L. pneumophila in evaporative cooling systems