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Secure Software-as-a-Service (Saas) offering for your microbiology testing needs.

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Peace of Mind for Quality Control Managers

As a quality control manager or process engineer, you want to be able to rely on data that is secured and reported in a timely and streamlined manner. 

The Cloud Solution is rqmicro's proprietary SaaS offering that complements the rqmicro.COUNT instrument. Together, they present a comprehensive platform for the rapid detection and quantification of total viable bacteria as well as specific bacteria such as Legionella and E. coli.

The security of your data is of paramount importance to us. Your test results are automatically backed up to a secure server and can be instantly accessed via the Cloud Solution on your devices from anywhere.

The Cloud Solution was built with your organizational needs in mind. It upgrades your risk management from traditional, error-prone manual methods to a state-of-the-art, intuitive software that does most of the laborious work on your behalf allowing you to focus on what matters.

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Core Benefits 

Eliminate the risk of outbreaks 

Automated tracking of microbiology test results at Critical Control Points (CCP) with instant alerts to relevant stakeholders upon breach of defined thresholds.

Up-to-date and actionable test results enable you to react fast, costing you less time and money to ensure quality is never compromised.

Benchmark processes and facilities

The Cloud Solution allows you to verify the effectiveness of treatment procedures whilst facilitating a detailed comparison.

The unmatched precision of the rqmicro.COUNT results coupled with the analytical capability of the Cloud Solution enable fine tuning of processes across your organization. 

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Showcase success and compliance

There is no need to rely on handwritten results or Excel spreadsheets.

The Cloud Solution ensures critical data can no longer be lost, miswritten or tampered with. Its reports allow you to prove compliance and improvements using time-stamped results from the rqmicro.COUNT.

Software Features

The Cloud Solution provides a ready-to use toolbox to organize your microbiology data with minimal effort and to showcase relevant information to stakeholders.

Customizable dynamic dashboard

Build your own dashboard to generate actionable, real-time insights with the help of interactive data visualizations. Make your organization's priorities front and center by focusing your team's attention on what matters at any one time. 

Streamlined data analysis

Enrich results by assigning predefined tags and share best practice by adding comments. Use tags to group results by parameters such as CCP's, cleaning measures or maintenance procedures. Consolidate results from multiple instruments at an organizational, national or global level.

Controlled access

The Cloud Solution provides you with full autonomy in dealing with confidential information. Protect your raw data and reports with detailed user administration settings to control who gets access to your results at any given time.

Export at the click of a button

Data from your results can be exported in various formats (Word, Excel, CSV and json) and downloaded within built-in templates, saving you time in putting together reports to share with different stakeholders. 

Advanced Flow Cytometry Tools

Backed by over 10 years of extensive research, each of our test kits come with their predefined flow cytometry settings that provide unmatched accuracy in the quantification of target bacteria. Advanced flow cytometry users can choose to go beyond pre-defined gates and access the full power of flow cytometry directly from their browser.

Advanced flow cytometry features include customizing electronic gates or designing multiple gates to analyze sub-population such as LNA or HNA in water samples. Custom gates can be saved and easily applied to multiple plots.

 Read our blog post to learn more about how to recognize the bacterial fingerprint of drinking water with portable flow cytometry

rqmicro Remote Support delivered through Cloud Solution

Effortless Remote Support

With the Cloud Solution, our team of Application Specialists is always on hand to provide remote support through the Cloud Solution, if provided access to the respective samples.

Our experience shows that the remote support provided through the Cloud Solution significantly streamlines and speeds up application support. And in rapid microbiology testing, time matters.

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