China CDC uses rqmicro.COUNT for precise management of Legionella risk

Measuring Legionella in shower and spa water with rqmicro method

China CDC became user of rqmicro.COUNT in Asia

Lately, in January 2022, researchers at China Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) measured Legionella bacteria in shower and spa water using rqmicro.COUNT and rqmicro Legionella pneumophila SG 1-15 detection kit. As an early adopter of rqmicro’s novel pathogen detection method, China CDC considers rqmicro.COUNT is an easy to use instrument which makes onsite Legionella monitoring possible. 

China CDC uses rqmicro.COUNT

Current regulations in China have zero tolerance for Legionella in centralized air conditioning systems, spa, swimming pool and shower water. Since the newly launched rqmicro.COUNT has provided a useful technical tool to quantify Legionella in various water matrixes, researchers from China CDC are interested in doing future studies using rqmicro method to define different contamination levels for the precise management of Legionella risk.

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