Total and Viable Cell Count (TCC and VCC)

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We determine the total and viable cell count (TCC and VCC) of your samples using flow cytometry (FCM).

The heterotrophic plate count and current gold standard represents only a fraction of the actual VCC since only a part of the cells present in a sample can be cultivated on agar. The TCC and VCC however is not only an important parameter for comparing the general microbiological status of water samples, but also for monitoring progress after heat treatments or chlorination.

With flow cytometry (FCM), a culture-independent technique, all fluorescence labelled cells present in a sample, also viable but non-culturable (VBNC) or dead cells, are quantified accurately in a matter of minutes. The populations of living and dead cells can be distinguished by using different fluorescent dyes.

On client demand we offer various viability stainings e.g. via membrane potential or esterase activity. Numerous clients ranging from hospitals and hotels to water laboratories and research institutes profit from rqmicro’s ultrafast and reliable testing service.