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rqmicro wishes you a happy holiday season!

The year-end is a time to look back, and ahead, for you as well as your customers. We hope that your laboratory supported many customers with microbiological advise and measurements in 2015. It is our goal that you can not only continue doing great work, but that you can also surprise your customers with a new rapid testing method in your offering!

rqmicro AG, a spin-off from ETH Zurich, developed a method for the ultrarapid sample preparation and quantitative detection of pathogens. It is our vision that consumers worldwide are protected from microbiologically contaminated water and food. An important step towards that is the fast and accurate detection of pathogens, also in your laboratory.


We are ready – the first instrument series for the automated, rapid sample preparation will launch in early 2016.

The technology is based on a microfluidic immunomagnetic separation (IMS), performed on a standard well-plate format cartridge under highly sensitive pressure conditions. As a first application, this will enable laboratories to separate Legionella from water samples in less than 1 hour.

In combination with a flow cytometer, your lab would be able to deliver quantitative results to your customers on the same day.

More from us next year! Best wishes,

rqmicro AG


 Prizes and Awards

rqmicro’s revolutionary technology won several innovation prizes, including the Pioneer Prize for groundbreaking innovations, an ETH Pioneer Fellowship, and several startup awards.


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