Manual Immunomagnetic Separator (MIMS)

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The MIMS for manual immunomagnetic separation is an all-purpose magnetic separation tool for the purification of target cells from various matrices. Combined with the rqmicro reagent kits the MIMS enables a manual isolation and purification of target cells while eliminating > 95% of the competing flora. Sample preparation with the MIMS allows for precise and conclusive results when subsequently analyzing the samples by flow cytometry, cultivation or PCR.

  • Application

    • Separation, concentration and purification of target cells from different matrices
    • Delivery of ready-to-use samples for flow cytometry, cultivation, PCR, microscopy, etc.
    • Reliable conclusive results on agar plates
  • Speed

    • Preparation of up to 8 samples in parallel
    • Separation, concentration and purification in less than 2 hours
  • Ease of Use

    • Flexible integration in established workflows
    • Good visual control of samples
    • Removable top rack for convenient resuspension