rqmicro Method Validated and Recommended by China CDC

China CDC recommends rqmicro method as a reliable and easy to use method for the rapid detection of Legionella pneumophila. From August till November 2020 rqmicro’s method was established and evaluated at the National Institute for Communicable Disease Control and Prevention of China CDC in Beijing. The CDC researchers are satisfied with rqmicro method’s performance and find it a suitable replacement for the standard cultivation method to effectively monitor the safety of water systems.

Extract of the CDC validation report: “In conclusion, we find the rqmicro method fast and reliable in the quantification of L.p. SG1. The method creates significant value in the localization and disinfection of Legionella contaminations and helps to prevent outbreaks of disease. Effective water hygiene management is important to ensure safety of public infrastructures and to avoid public health risk.“