Why is it important to keep track of your water hygiene?

Make Water Safe

Bacterial contamination and Legionella outbreaks in water systems can lead to system downtime, damage to reputation and, above all, damage to human health. Current Legionella analysis methods are time consuming and unreliable, taking up to 14 days to provide results.

When Legionella counts in water systems exceed defined thresholds, this can indicate that current water management practices have failed to effectively control the growth of Legionella. Currently, water treatment reliant on rapid microbiological analysis is not possible, making the efficient and effective control of Legionella extremely difficult. 

To solve this current issue, rqmicro has created the rqmicro.COUNT; a machine with which you can determine the total number of bacteria, and Legionella, in your water sample, on-site – within 2 hours. Watch the video and find out how to make water safe.

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