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rqmicro provides ultrafast, reliable and cost-efficient solutions for detecting and monitoring Legionella in cooling systems and in water supply systems of industrial plants. Our expertise lies in isolating and purifying target cells from complex water samples while eliminating more than 95% of the competing flora. Benefit from the rqmicro product list and service offers to mitigate the risk of Legionella remaining unnoticed.

  • Conclusive Results

    • Reliable, quantitative results in less than 2 hours
    • Detection of viable but non-culturable Legionella (VBNC bacteria)
    • High specificity and sensitivity
  • Effective Monitoring

    • Provides immediate process feedback
    • Allows for targeted corrective measures
  • Risk Mitigation

    • Reduced risk of exceedance of limit values and outbreaks
    • Saves time, cost and energy

1. Risk management system for cooling towers & industrial plants – test results in less than 2 hours with FCM

The rqmicro system for risk management includes the Legionella pneumophila SG1 Kit and the installation of a CellStream instrument. The subsequent use of a standard flow cytometer (FCM) for the quantification of target cells provides conclusive and reliable results including a viability assessment in less than two hours from sampling to analysis. The rapid rqmicro system for risk mitigation allows weekly monitoring of cooling systems and thereby enables operators to take targeted corrective measures that save time and costs.

Integration of the rqmicro system for risk management

2. Risk management for cooling towers & industrial plants – conclusive results on agar plates

The rqmicro system for risk mangement includes the Legionella pneumophila SG1-15 Kit for Plating and the MIMS for manual immunomagnetic separation. The combination of the MIMS and the rqmicro reagent kit allows the isolation and purification of target cells, e.g. Legionella, in less than two hours while eliminating more than 95% of the competing flora. Plating of the concentrated and purified cells on agar leads to precise and conclusive results.

We test your samples using our leading edge technology to deliver quantitative results on the same day. The rqmicro method discriminates between living and dead cells and thereby, in contrast to the standard method, detects viable but non-culturable L.p. SG1 cells (VBNC). In addition, rqmicro offers the determination of the total and viable cell count (TCC and VCC) of your complex samples, providing you with valuable information on the general microbiological state of your cooling system.

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