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Make Water Safe

Our vision is that consumers worldwide benefit from water and food which is free from microbiological contamination. We identified three strategic priorities required to move the state of microbiological analysis towards our vision:

Make Water Safe

Water safety monitoring close to consumers and industry

Ultra-fast detection of contamination to enable effective and fast response

Protect humanity’s most valuable resource – Safe Water


Replace manual steps with automated workflows

Product design for on-site use by nonprofessionals

Automation of data analysis and hygiene treatment prediction


Enable new hygiene solutions based on actionable data

Predict maintenance and hygiene status of water systems

Interface with smart infrastructure/IOT environments

Rising technologies, such as the internet of things, predictive analytics using machine learning and artificial intelligence and blockchain will impact the future of microbiological analysis. The synergy created by various competences of our team members allows us to develop ways to organically integrate these revolutionary technologies into rqmicro products.

Already now, rqmicro products provide an elegant and innovative solution for microbiological analysis, allowing the replacement of several manual steps with one automated instrument. This reduces the risk of human error in routine tasks, creates resources for the much needed creativity in the R&D world and delivers an unmatched ease of use for lab professionals.