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Seal of Excellence rqmicroThe European Commission selected rqmicro among 1,200 competitors and will support the company with EUR 2,2m under the SME instrument (Project ID: 823552; EU CORDIS). This financial backing will accelerate the development and market launch of a revolutionary solution for the rapid detection of pathogenic microorganisms. rqmicro’s team is excited about this honor and will put every effort into meeting its goals.


CellCount is a revolutionary technology platform to solve current problems with the detection of microbiological contamination in water and food industries. It combines immunomagnetic separation (IMS), flow cytometry (FCM) and microfluidics, and will provide a revolutionary approach to microbiological testing for real-time results.

During the automated IMS, marked target cells are diverted into a positiv fraction. At the same time, > 95% of the competing flora present in the sample is directed to the waste fraction. With its flow cytometric system, CellCount subsequently determines cell concentration and viability in the positiv fraction while providing a graphical representation of the results.

About the project

The project duration is 24 months from September 2018 to August 2020 and its objectives are:

  • Optimize instrument and Legionella kit
  • Industrialize CellCount instrument
  • Get CellCount and kit ready for sales
  • Accelerate market roll-out

Main benefits for customers

CellCount is a benchtop automated one-step-operation instrument, delivering fully quantitative results at an unmatched speed that allows on-site mobile analyses, speeding up results and counter-measures. The test eliminates the need for costly and lengthy lab procedures, improving time-to-result.

Speed: quick results thanks to high-performance fluidics and possibility to handle 4 samples in parallel

Consistency: no operator bias and contamination-free processing

Flexibility: cell integrity fully maintained, so samples are ready to use for further analysis

Ease of use: intuitive user interface with one button operations and seamless integration into any workflow

Low maintenance: no cleaning cycles as sheath fluid free, no startup / shutdown and self-calibrating optics

Software: touchscreen, multi-language support, apps for updates, alarms and control